Book 2 in The Chronicles of Iona is on the way!

Many thanks to the readers who have been writing in to ask when Book 2 in The Chronicles of Iona series will be out.  I’m pushing hard for an early November publication date—the interior files of the manuscript are being prepared, as is the cover.  It’s all very exciting!   Can’t wait to unveil the 2nd installment. 

Exile, the first book in the series, has been selling extremely well, but what is really thrilling is the traction it’s receiving—particularly in Europe. 

The Chronicles of Iona: Exile is being launched again as part of the prestigious Boston-Northwest Ireland Golden Bridges conference held here in Boston on November 8-9, 2012.  ( 

The book is also being featured as part of County Donegal’s Diaspora Project 2013 (

More about those fantastic events—and others—later!

In the meantime, keep looking here for updates on the progress of Book 2. 

Or, if you’d like to be put on my email list, I can let you know when it’s ready!

  2 comments for “Book 2 in The Chronicles of Iona is on the way!

  1. Shelley
    November 12, 2012 at 7:39 pm

    Hi Paula,
    My husband and I just recently returned from a recent trip to Scotland, where we spent several days on Iona. We are so smitten!!! What an amazing place! How incredible then to return home and find your novel about Iona! Cannot wait for book 2!! Please put me on your mailing list so I will know when it is available!
    Thank you so much!

    • pauladefougerolles
      December 4, 2012 at 9:45 am


      So glad to hear that you loved Iona! Me too (obviously)! And many thanks for finding my series. I have the physical proof of Book 2 in hand and am proofing it for publication, so it won’t be long now. I will definitely put you on the mailing list. Cheers! Paula

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