Here’s the cover for Book 2 in “The Chronicles of Iona”, “Prophet”

Final Cover Proof “The Chronicles of Iona: Prophet”

Here’s the cover of Book 2 in the series “The Chronicles of Iona”, called “Prophet”.  

Yes: there’s been a name change.  Book 2 was originally entitled “Peregrinatio” which in Latin means a pilgrimage, a spiritual wandering, in this case to refer both to Columba in his exile on the island of Iona, and to Aedan, stuck in Caledonia with the Picts.  Upon reflection, however, I realized that that title really only had meaning for me, that it was a mouthful, and that it had to go. 

I’m going over the physical proof of “Prophet” now.  Once I approve it, a print form of the book will be available here, then on   I hope to have it ready by the week of December 17.    The various e-book versions take a bit longer to format so those will come out a few weeks after. 

Many thanks for your patience and I’ll keep you posted!

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