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I'm a mediaeval historian and novelist.

Thank you Northern Ireland!

You know what I love about what I do? One of the things, in any case? (Because there are many!) The research trips. I sit here in my study, pulling together what I know about the 6th century so that I can imagine how my characters might have felt and thought and acted. Columba of Iona and Aedan mac…


Check me out on in Barbados, today at 11 a.m. EST!

Friends:  Very excited to be interviewed this morning by DJ NV from in Barbados!  (You can hear a live podcast at the link above at 11.a.m. EST.)  We’ll be talking about my novel, “The Chronicles of Iona: Exile”.

I love Barbados.  It will actually feature in another historical-fiction series I’m working on.  

Lots of other news in the works as well, which I’ll blog about when I get a minute: Book 3 is coming along nicely, there’s a screenplay of Book 1 underway, and I’m moving to Belgium!



This week! The Chronicles of Iona at the Saltwater Celtic Music Festival, Thomas Point Beach, Maine

Friends!  If you’re in Maine this week,  come check out the Saltwater Music Festival 2013 at Thomas Point Beach, Brunswick.  It’s a two-day event (July 20 and 21) showcasing the best in Celtic music.  I’ll be in the literary tent as their 2013 Writer-in-Residence.  There are a host of wonderful satellite events leading up to the…

Donegal, Northern Ireland go live with the One Book transnational reading project based on “The Chronicles of Iona: Exile”

My thoughts have been eastward all day as the transnational One Book One Community Reading Project is officially launched in Derry.  Readers in Northern Ireland, Co. Donegal and New England will be reading “Exile”, the first book in my historical-fiction series “The Chronicles of Iona”, at the same time.  Donegal County Council and Libraries Northern Ireland set…

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